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Cub Video Productions DVD’s, Hughie’s books

And Triumph Posters


The DVD's are not intended to replace the traditional workshop manual, rather they supplement the manual by demonstrating the methods and techniques that cannot effectively be conveyed with the printed word or still photographs. An appropriate workshop manual will still be required to provide the technical information and specifications that relate to your particular  model.

Rebuilding the Pre-Unit 650 engine

Rebuilding of the Unit 650 engine, transmission & Gearbox

Archive film made by Triumph in the 1950’s

Carburettor setting - most post war British four stroke heavyweight singles and twins

A series of posters originally published by the Meriden Factory

Hughie's book about life at the Meriden Factory

In this, his second book, completed just prior to his death in August 2011 Hughie recalls the time he spent as a production tester between 1960 and 1962.

Triumph Posters

Tales of Triumph & the Meriden Factory

Triumph - Production Testers Tales
Including Book Preview

Customers in North America who wish to purchase DVDs should go to the website of Walridge Motors Ltd, our North American sales agent at who will supply DVDs which meet the technical standards applicable to that area. Any other items can be purchased direct from this site.